Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paper Piecing #1

Here is my first attempt at paper piecing, and I'm moderately pleased with the outcome. I used this tutorial. Things that I have learned about paper piecing:
-Using scraps is great, just make sure that your scrap more than covers the shape.
-Before beginning ensure that you have enough of your background fabric.
-Regular printer paper works just fine.
-It's an addicting process!
Not perfect, but not bad for my first try. I can't wait to do more, I'm just not sure what I will do with the finished blocks. Maybe nothing. Oh and if I do another one with this pattern I think it would be really fun to do the triangles in white and the back ground piecing scrappy- sort of crazy quilt like.

Friday, March 9, 2012


A lovely package was delivered to my door this morning, loaded with sewing lovelies. My friend Erin recently co-launched a creative blog, PurdueAvenue. And a couple weeks ago they had a giveaway, and well, I won!

The prize included everything to make a darling ruffled table runner (tutorial here)- canvas and muslin fabric, thread, pins, a measuring tape and...

a ruffler foot! I didn't even know that such a thing existed! I'm pretty excited and want to ruffling everything!

First up on my ruffling check list is a replica of this table runner. Head over and check out the fabulous things on PurdueAvenue.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting My Selvage Fix

My box of selvages was overflowing so I sat down and busted out a stack of spider web blocks. These blocks are the epitome of my selvage obsession. This project has been going on for 2 years now, and I've only made half the blocks I want to eventually make!

It's intense sewing, just ask my back- completely destroyed (at least for the next couple of days). Oodles of selvages, small seams, trimming and paper ripping.

When all those triangles come together they create fabulous spiderwebs. Very visually interesting if you ask me.

Eventually I hope to have enough to make a queen size quilt for my guest room. But I'm estimating that is still another 2 years away, and when I finish the blocks I'll still have to sew them all together and get it quilted, because I really don't want to quilt this myself.

All told I figure it will be a 5 year project, and I'm ok with that because it is an enjoyable diversion to pull out in between other projects. And a good selvage fix.