Friday, April 27, 2012

For Next Year

I know that Easter has past, but I just had to share this cute garland I finished, based on this pattern. I had a great time using up little scraps/selvages and arranging them to create these darling spring time shapes. I used Osnaburg linen for the back ground.
 I'm pretty partial to this little bunny. Especially that little white dot of a tail and wee little bow. 

I also love the carrot, such a fun little shape and color combinations!
The egg was the simplest to make. I added a bit of trim to the bottom of each piece and some ribbon to hang them. Not sure I love the ribbon, it's a bit on the bright side, but oh well.
And finally a little chick. Stitching around the shapes and border went really quick and was fun, I think it helped that I didn't worry too much about the stitches being perfect.
So, Happy Easter (next year)!

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  1. Those are sweet. Glad to see we're getting more mileage out of the Osnaburg ...:)