Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Crafting Wrap-Up

Just a quick post to document my Christmas crafting.

For Kennedy:
I looked everywhere for a cute 1st Christmas ornament but was disappointed with the selection. So I made my own. The rattle is felt with hand embroidery- and let me just tell you that was a bugger embroidering such small letters onto felt.
I also had a selvage from some Alice Kennedy fabric laying around. I was saving it for something special, and then I thought- hey she needs a selvage ornament, so that's what I made.
Hopefully she'll appreciate these some day (right now all she wants to do is slobber on them)!
This stocking matches two that I made for Travis and me a few years ago. Looking at it now I'm a little disappointed. I feel like it needs something more... any suggestions?

For my Aunt Karen:
I made a bunch of selvage ornaments for my aunt. Her husband passed away a few months ago and she was looking for something to give to those who had helped her. She has traditional tastes, so went looking for all my red and green selvages.

For a Friend:
A few days before Christmas my friend asked me if I knew how to embroider. Well, yes I do. She has 5 kids (whose names all start with J) and she wanted their names embroidered on their stockings. I sat down and whipped these up (sorry I only have a picture of 2 of them). My friend really liked them and I enjoyed the project, so win-win.

I guess that is about it. Watch for a shop update in the next week! And Happy New Year!

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