Monday, December 13, 2010

A Few Quilts

Over the past few months I have finished a few quilts but haven't posted them yet. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to-

Quilt Number 1:
Snowball blocks made from a random assortment of polka dot fabrics (mostly from my mom's stash).

I made this quilt for a Boy Scout Auction on Labor Day. Polka dots are all so cute, so it was fun to put a bunch of random fabrics together. I quilted it in a straight line diagonally through the blocks. I was mildly disappointed by how much it fetched at auction, probably barely covered my costs, but I guess that isn't the point of giving. And I do know the lady who got it was overjoyed with it. The backing is purple with little stars. And I love that binding material- purple background with bright colored polka dots.

Quilt Number 2:
Wild Things pattern made with Arcadia fabric.

This one has been in the works for almost two years. It was quilted by a gentleman that my mom knows who recently purchased a quilting machine and wants some practice and is willing to do it for free! And in truth he's done a really good job on both quilts I've had him quilt for me.

And a pretty wild back for a Wild Thing quilt. Just used what I had on hand.

Quilt Number 3:
Snowball blocks made with Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas
I love this fabric! And the snowball blocks were fun to make, even if they don't really look like snowballs. This quilt was also done by my mom's friend for free. I asked for a patterned that mirrored the poinsettia's in the border and I like the way it turned out (click on it for a closer view).
The back is some fa la la flannel that is oh so soft.

So there ends my quilt show for today.


  1. I love them all. I think Kate Spain should be our relative, a close relative!:)

  2. I love them. You are so good a quilting.

  3. I wish I could pieced blocks together like you and quilt like you!!! Great work!

  4. I just found your blog and I love your Arcadia quilt!