Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is Not a Resolution

I NEVER make New Year's resolutions, because I just feel like making resolutions is a recipe for failure. I feel the same way about goal setting sessions. Does that make me an underachiever? Whatever- that's my philosophy.

However, I do have a goal for 2011. It is a quilting/crafting goal. There are so many different and unique quilting techniques out there and I know that there is no way that I can ever try them all. But there are a few that I have bookmarked to accomplish. My goal this year is to make them happen. I've already started, with pinwheels. And so far I love them! They are so fun and quick. I'm using this tutorial and it's a revelation. You really should go check it out.
(photo from Kate Conklin)
I bought this quilt pattern with some money from Christmas. I'm excited to try curved piecing and what could be better than a quilt inspired by the sea! (photo from My Three Sons)
I think cathedral windows are so striking. And I'm all about not reinventing the wheel so I'm looking forward to any hints I can get. I'm even branching out into other mediums. I was invited to join a card group with some ladies at my church, and although I do very little with scrapbooking or paper crafting I decided that I'd like to try it out. I've committed to a year of making cards. This is my card for February's meeting, and I have to admit that I love how it turned out.

One last new endeavor for me this year is smocking. A friend volunteered to teach me how to smock a dress for Kennedy. My previous ventures into clothes making have not gone well so I'm a bit nervous. But my friend promised me that it was doable so we'll see how it goes.

So here's to not making resolutions but still having a plan in mind to get a few things done this year!

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