Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rockin' the Smockin'

Finally I am posting a picture of the smocking I'm working on. This is the collar of what will eventually be a Bishop dress, similar to this one. I love doing the stitching, it really transforms the dress. My only concern is that the pattern I chose is busier than I had originally planned, and I hope it doesn't overpower my little one. All I need to do now is smock a simple pattern into the sleeves and then I'll be able to sew it into a dress!


  1. It looks so so pretty! good job, it will be darling.

  2. It is so fun to have a daughter to make beautiful clothes for. I used to smock for Betsy all the time. But I didn't start until she was about 3 or so, so I probably don't have any patterns for a little one. I saved all my patterns both for clothes and the smocking. The patterns are pretty classic and won't go out of style--at least for smocked items. If ever you are interested you could borrow some. Oh, by the way, I did smocking for my boys, too--Ty was blessed in a little smocked outfit and I made overalls with smocked inserts for both boys. Betsy has them now, but I don't know if she likes them. You've done a great job there and I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Did you take a class?

  3. So pretty! I want to take a smocking class sometime this year.