Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seriously So Exciting!

Last night I was speeding through JoAnn's picking out a yard of fabric before we needed to be to a dinner engagement I noticed the magazine rack. Now I'm not generally the type who will stop and peruse the magazine rack (not my thing) but this little one caught my eye.
(This isn't actually my picture all though I swear that I did see it and did take my own picture, blogger just won't load it so I had to go to the company's site to get this one, but click on it and it will take you to their site)

And in that instant I was reminded of correspondence I received 5 months ago. To summarize, the corespondent had seen and liked my selvage ornaments, and thought they could jive with a publication her company would be releasing during the holiday season. Would I be willing to submit one of my ornaments along with instructions on how to make said ornaments, for possible publication? Uhhh... YES!

I knew that the Simply Handmade Holidays publication had been released, but I hadn't seen it and didn't know if my submission had been included. So as I waited in the horrendously long line at the cut counter (behind a customer who was having yardage cut of nearly everything in the store) I thumbed through the bright holiday pages. And then yes, there it was...

My creation (and name) in print! Along with blog and etsy shop mention!

I began looking for someone to tell. Unfortunately all my fellow cut counter line customers were zombied out and less than interested in my few moments of fame.

"Instead of discarding the selvages on your favorite fabrics, turn them into a lovely handmade ornament!"

I'll take pictures I decided, so I can tell everyone when I get out of Zombieland. Commence rummaging through purse. More rummaging. Panic setting in. No phone! Ahhh... not only was I cut off from all communication but how could I share with no pictures!

The following two pages include the instructions with corresponding pictures.

Luckily for me and my about to explode self Travis showed up right then. Unluckily for me he was rather miffed that I was taking so long (and not answering my phone) and that we were on track to be late to our fancy dinner appointment.
But once I explained what was up, he was nice enough to give me a high five and snap these pictures while I paid for the fabric and we skedaddled. No it isn't a book with me as author/co-author, and it isn't my own fabric/pattern line, and it isn't like suddenly I'll start selling lots of ornaments, or dozens of people will start reading this blog, or that I won the lottory (because as they keep telling me if you don't play you can't win). However, in my little corner of the universe it's seriously so exciting!


  1. Why didn't you just buy the magazine??? or will they be sending you one? I'd totally forgotten about that!'s awesome, Nanc!

  2. You TOTALLY should buy a copy if they don't send you one!!!

  3. I just saw this at Joanne Fabrics last night. I paged through it and saw your fabric ornaments and that is where I got your blog address!
    Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to try my hand at making a few! :)

  4. Holy cheapskate batman. I was just giving him crap for being cheap when he gave me 2.67 in change he scrounged up in his car for lunch the other day.
    But wow, just wow. Travis, Travis, Travis.

  5. Ah, what a fun memory. Megan and I are like that, we had our blog in the "top 55 quilt blogs," in a magazine, and you would have thought we cured cancer! That is how awesome we thought you were. Meg lives in Arizona, you two should be crafting friends!