Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome my non-resolution goals last year. I followed through on all of them, although I still need to finish my curved piecing project. So I thought I'd make a similar list again this year, and hopefully it will keep me focused on the things I really want to get done.

Paper Piecing

Image via: Why Not Sew?
I've done spiderweb blocks using paper, and I've pieced hexagons using paper, but I've never created an image using paper. There are a few that I'd like to try: heart, ice-cream cone, pineapple and flying geese wheel.

Image via: Craftiness is Not Optional

When I say clothes I really mean dresses for Kennedy. There are so many cute little girl dresses out there but here are a couple I'd start with: petals and smocked sun dress.

Finish Quilts

I have a list in my sewing room of projects to finish and new projects to start. My goal is this year is to finish all the quilts that I've already started which include (except for my selvage spiderweb quilt which will take years of selvage accumulating):


Pumpkin Table Runner

Baby Selvage

Pink & Brown Zig Zag

Sea Views Shower Curtain

Hexagon Mini


  1. I hope you get me for Christmas and make me a dress. Oh, but probably not a smocked sundress. JK LOL ROFL (or ROLF)

  2. Loving your blog and craftiness! If only we'd had time to do these things in high school- we would've had a blast together!!!