Monday, May 14, 2012


 I wasn't sure I would ever be able to write this post. This quilt was quite nearly my undoing. Everything went fine until 3/4 of the quilting was finished and I discovered the most horrendous puckers! And at that point it was either unpick all my quilting, splice, or discard. It threw me into a complete sewing funk. So I tossed it in a corner and ignored it for about six months. Then my mom stepped in and helped me figure out the issues, and voila a finished Fandango quilt.
 My favorite part of this quilt is the quilting through the patchwork. Actually I made this quilt specifically for the quilting. I love how quilting in the negative space makes the colored blocks pop.
And the back, which was fun!
Hooray for another one crossed off the list.


  1. It's beautiful. You should be proud. I'm glad I had just a very small part in it, you did all the work! Nice pattern and yes, the quilting is awesome.

  2. Beautiful work, Nancy! Way to go!! Yes, the quilting through the patchwork is lovely.

    I especially like how you regained your momentum and completed the job, in partnership with your mom.