Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Gifts

My goal was to wrap up all my Christmas/2011 posts before the new year, and that just didn't happen. But I'm back dating a couple posts because when I look back I want to be sure that these finishes are documented in 2011.
I made this drawstring pouch for my sister for Christmas, I was inspired by this one.

I had a lot of fun with this wee little bag, I think because it combined so many different elements but didn't take me so long that I got sick of it. Plus it's grey and yellow which is my current favorite color combination.

Adding the drawstring was the most challenging part for me, a challenge that I didn't quite overcome, thus there is only string on one side of the bag.

I also made a guitar strap for my brother in law, although to be perfectly honest I really recovered a guitar strap. I had known that I wanted to make him one for a while and then I happened upon this fabric and knew that it must be. Because you see, he is partial to the color orange and has a thing for rockets.

My search for a guitar strap tutorial didn't lead me to exactly what I wanted to do, so in the end I had to wing it. And honestly it wasn't hard. In fact the hardest part was taking the original strap apart, oh and turning that long thin tube of fabric so that the right sides were out. If people are interested maybe I'll try to write a tutorial sometime.

I personalized it just a little more by embroidering his name on it. Giving handmade gifts is my favorite part of Christmas, I hope the recipients don't mind too much!


  1. Both are absolutely awesome!

  2. Um, we LOVE it! Thanks for the Christmas goodness. I do think you should do a guitar strap tutorial. It's your original idea, and obviously there aren't that many out there.